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Editorial and advertising tips

Editorial for advertisers

For advertisers booking advertising campaigns of six months or longer, we offer the opportunity to be featured editorially for free in our magazines.

The editorial we publish is inspiring, informative, educational and entertaining. We therefore encourage advertisers to align their editorial to match the great ‘value’ we bring to our readers.

What does this mean for advertisers? First and foremost, people will respond more favourably to your brand message when you instil trust in them. And to build trust with potential customers, you need to demonstrate your industry expertise. So we’ve introduced an ‘Ask The Experts’ feature.

We would suggest that your editorial demonstrates your knowledge and experience. As examples:

  • A roofer could offer tips on the best ways to keep gutters clear and deal with blockages
  • A hairdresser might suggest hairstyles to suit face shapes and hair types
  • A solicitor could offer advice on overgrowing trees or hedges and what your rights are

As professional journalists, we can help advertisers compile their article if needed and we will always proof it before it is published. If necessary, we can also come up with suggestions for features and help with putting it together at no extra charge.

Magazine editorial

We endeavour to provide inspiring, uplifting and informative articles across all our titles. We have built a loyal readership and our publications are trusted within the community. We aim to keep it that way.

We recognise that many people are time-poor, so our editorial pages feature articles that offer a ‘dip-in, dip-out’ approach, meaning that news and information is easily digestible. Just over half of our readers keep their issue until the next one arrives – and when they do, 40% of readers pass this on to a family member, neighbour or friend. This demonstrates that our titles have longevity and are repeatedly referred to throughout the month.

We use a variety of sources to glean information and we are never short of news to report and features to edit. However, we do encourage readers and ‘Friends of Life In…Magazines’ to report local interest stories to us. This is especially the case if stories are positive, inspirational and offer a ‘feel-good’ factor. There’s so much negative news out there, so our approach is to celebrate all things positive about the world we live in, as well as matters closer to home in our local communities. As our tagline says, we like to ‘Inspire the community one page at a time’.

If you have a community story that you feel we should cover, please send an email to

Advertising tips

When you promote yourself in any magazine, you want your advert to stand out, catch people’s attention and instruct readers on what you offer.

However, there are some common mistakes that some advertisers make when designing an advert. These include:

  • Including too much information
  • Not using brand colours
  • Not including any images
  • Using text that is too small to read
  • Poor punctuation and/or grammar
  • No call to action
  • Lack of (or hard to read) contact details
  • Having text too close to the edges

At Life In…Magazines our professional graphic designers can design your advert for a small fee. They will take into account your fonts, brand colours and industry type to create a professional looking advert to capture people’s attention – and first impressions count!

There is also the option to purchase ‘exclusive rights’ to the advert so that you can use the design to promote your company on other platforms such as social media.

However, if you do decide to design the artwork yourself, the advert dimensions (in mm) are:

1/8 page – 74w X 51h
¼ page – 74w X 109h
1/3 page – 154w X 71h
½ page – 154w X 109h
Full page – 176w X 246h (this size has bleed included, which means your advert ‘bleeds’ off the page)
Full page – 154x X 224h (this size is without bleed, meaning that there will be a white frame around your advert)

To give yourself the best chance of your advert standing out and making an impact, here are some useful tips: