As I’m writing this it’s actually snowing – who’d have thought? But then again, we’re talking the British weather which has a tendency to be unpredictable.

The month has gone quickly and May is rapidly approaching. The good news is there are two Bank holidays next month – on 3rd and 31st, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

But sticking for now with April – and Easter, the lovely actress and author, Linda Regan, kindly submitted an Easter story, which we’d love to share….

Easter Eggsitement 

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to celebrate Easter. It isn’t the thought of better weather around the corner, or the long light days to come, with the promise of smoking barbeques wearing summer shorts that we know this season brings.

I have to admit there is something extremely endearing about watching the frolics of newly born lambs springing across sunny fields. And if one ventures further into our beautiful Kent countryside, we would be able to spot baby deer shadowing their mothers across the Knoll greenery.

I will hold my hand up and say the baskets of chocolate eggs and the large variety of brightly coloured silver foil that envelopes all those inviting chocolate treats on supermarket shelves is something worth dawdling over on my weekly shop. Yes, good things are here and don’t we just deserve them.

For the past 12 months our country has lived under a frightening and unknown dark cloud. The arrival of Covid19, was as our Prime Minister put it, probably the worst crisis our country has had to face since the world war two. And so now is the time we can brighten our spirits along with the bright days predictably ahead of us, and Easter is the beginning.

Two Bank holidays in one weekend. (Why do they call them bank holidays? The banks have been on holiday since our interest rates dropped beneath floor level).

But, all this aside, my main excitement is being able to parade around, legally, in a very large hat, and I will call it my Easter Bonnet. I feel quite sure it will be completely acceptable worn all the way through the month of April. It will be worn all the time from morning until last thing at night.

You see, as much as our government has seen fit to lift some restrictions on the likes of meeting friends, outside, and re-opening our gyms and swimming pools, they kept us on tender-hooks for another month until our hairdressers could legally reopen.

So of course, Easter brings much more joy this year than the former years when I looked forward to Easter egg hunts. This year is the year of the Easter bonnet for all of us ladies.

Well, all of us, if you are like me sporting three-to-five-inch dark roots from your scalp. My own blonde hair looks like it is buried in dark earth, but no, that is just what is healthily called regrowth.

Now, I happily figure, by the time Easter is well and truly behind us, us ladies will have had our much-awaited visit to the hairdressers and I will no longer have to own up to the fact that I am not the natural blonde that I have sworn all these years that I am!

You can check out Linda’s website here.

As usual, we’ll leave you with a quote to ponder…

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Joshua J Marine

Until next month, enjoy the rest of your April!