It’s almost Christmas and we’re ready to kick back our heels, relax for a few days and enjoy precious family time.

It’s been a busy month as usual – and even busier it seems in the run up to Christmas, start with Christmas card lists and shopping!

We did however manage to hook up with a couple of people for a catch up including The Bed Post (thanks for the drinks Steve!).

We also joined the girls at One One Seven in Farnborough Village for one of their evening events – and ended up treating ourselves to some new clobber.

Plus we visited Lord Harris and his team at Tapi Carpets at the Nugent Shopping Park to take a team picture, which you’ll find on the centre pages of the December issue.

New stockists

Talking of the Nugent, we’re thrilled to be able to say that Life In Orpington magazine can now be found in our new outdoor stand in the Central Plaza (near the seating area). We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reach more people and raise awareness of community issues, as well as offer an entertaining read of course!

St Christopher’s Hospice at Caritas House on Tregony Road near Orpington Hospital is also stocking the magazine – thank you to Jo and the team for offering to have them. Our new counter stands arrived this month – and if we do say so ourselves they look great – we’re super pleased with them!

We’re working on increasing our stockists for the magazine and we’ll be listing pick up points at the back of Life In Orpington as usual each month.

December Blog 2019

Out and about

Aside from delivering magazines, meeting new stockists and enjoying the company of some of our advertisers, we’ve managed to have a few days off.

Nicky enjoyed afternoon tea in Otford while Lauretta managed to get invited for a weekend in Germany, which was lovely. Highlights included a trip to the Christmas markets and a visit to Phantasialand.

We also managed to give ourselves a day off work one Monday to do a spot of Christmas shopping. We’re rarely able to fit things like that in to our busy lives, so it was nice to schedule some time to get some shopping done in time for the big day.

From a business perspective, we joined the December Movers & Shakers meeting as the monthly PIB meeting where we managed to catch up with a few advertisers to give them Christmas cards and gingerbread cookies, freshly baked the night before.

We also enjoyed our debut attendance at the Successful Mums get-together where we heard founder Jane Knight talk about the importance of setting goals for our businesses – sound advice and one which we aim to implement.

December Blog 2019

In between all of this, Lauretta started her daily radiotherapy treatment, which is ongoing until early January. Juggling work, home life and family along with her treatment has been tricky for her – but not impossible! She even found time to join other breast cancer patients for bag packing at Marks & Spencer in Bromley to help raise funds for The Primrose Centre.

Thanks to them, Lauretta has managed to get some extra help in managing her recent diagnosis of lymphedema by utilising one of their lymphedema machines to encourage the file of lymphatic fluid through her arm.

A huge welcome

Finally, despite being a busy month in the run up to Christmas, we’ve managed to welcome a few new advertisers this month.

They included Valentine & Turner, Tapi Carpets, 42 Cycle, CWJ, Aletta Shaw and Semosh.

Look out for our Facebook and Twitter posts where we promote our advertisers, as well as our Twitter stories.

That’s it until next month, which will now be next year! Until then, wishing all our readers a very Merry Christmas – and here’s to health, happiness and business success in 2020!