As the festive season picks up pace and we start turning our attention to the Christmas shopping, it’s always nice to remind people to shop local where possible.

According to Independent Retailer Month, statistics show that for every £1 spent with a local, independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back into that local economy. So what better reason that to support our independent retailers?

Talking of reading and some research, the Metro (October 28th issue) ran an article about Marketing Myths busted and we wanted to impart some of that knowledge as we found it really useful.

So here it is!

Analytics: This is the act of measuring the performance of your marketing to work out how effective it is.

B2B This stands for ‘business to business and means you are marketing your products or services to other companies instead of individuals

B2C This stands for business to consumer and means your business is marketing directly to households

Bounce Rate The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who visit the first page and found straight off rather than engaging with other pages

Call to Action (CTA) A call to action is a button or link on the website or social media post that prompts a potential customer to do something such as fill in the form for more information

Click Through Rate the percentage of people who land on your site or social media post and click through to find out more

Content Marketing – content marketing is where you tried to create pieces of writing or videos the answer to useful questions for customers well marketing your product at the same time

Evergreen Content – pieces of marketing that remain relevant at all times rather than being about a particular season or piece of news

Inbound Marketing – marketing that is designed to bring customers to you by creating experiences or content that is tailored to them for example webinars, ebooks or topical blogs

Infographic graphic representation of a topic containing charts and minimal text to promote greater understanding

Keyword A keyword or phrase is a word that people search for if your content contains a specific set of keywords it will help it to be ranked at the top of a Google search

Listicle A marketing article in the form of a list such as 10 ways to sleep better designed to grab the attention of potential consumers

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) this is a way of improving traffic to your website find certain keywords and phrases that are popular with those searching the web for topics relevant to your product.

And finally, we loved this analogy of marketing, branding and sales from Simon Alexander Ong.

“Image speed dating – marketing is what you say to the person sitting in front of you to capture their attention. Branding is how you look and come across and sales is getting results from those conversations (a second date)?”

We hope you enjoy your November issue – it includes some fab features including some great life hacks (get 48 days off work in 2021) and healthy heart tips, to a closer look at cheese boards and ‘Ask The Experts’.

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