If we thought last month was busy, we’ve just turned up the dial at Life In…Magazines’ HQ! Not only have we tried to get into the swing of running two magazines, we’ve also been…

  • Invited to attend a ‘UK Entrepreneur’ panel for Startup Bromley
  • Decided to host a free ‘Women In Business’ event at the end of March in conjuction with iVerbalize
  • Entered the ‘Bromley Business Pitch’ competition
  • Organised a VIP event to mark the launch of Life In…Bromley.

Given how busy the month has been, we’ve been lucky enough to have two new volunteers come forward to help distribute Life In…Orpington magazine, which will certainly lighten the load. We’re lucky (and very grateful) for the help we receive from others.

Out and about

You might spot a famous face in the main picture holding Life In…Bromley. We were thrilled to bump into Dina Asher-Smith whilst out and about delivering in Bromley. What a lovely lady – she even let us take her picture and we couldn’t resist handing her a copy of the mag too – we just forgot to ask her to be in it!

We were also thrilled to be invited to chat on Jackie’s 12.30 The Women’s Company radio show (on Love Da Beat Radio), where we discussed the new magazine launch amongst other topics. It was an enjoyable morning and not as nerve-wracking as we envisaged. And of course, we attended the monthly Ladies Who Latte event at Community House in Bromley, where we couldn’t resist striking a pose to mark ‘International Women’s Day’.

The new magazines

It’s always tricky when you have a new launch to keep up the momentum and get used to producing a bit more work in the time allocated. We always strive to ‘work smarter’ rather than harder, but we can’t deny it’s been an exceptionally busy time lately – we don’t think the short month in February helped, but we go there in the end.

We spoke about systems and processes in last month’s blog post and realised that streamlining ways of working lends itself well to getting things done more efficiently. Of course, taking on extra pairs of hands does too – and we hope to be able to do this in the coming months.

As we type this, the new April magazines are about to land – we’ve really enjoyed putting them together this month, not least of all because it’s been fun celebrating ‘Chocolate Month’ and organising chocolate prizes for the issues. Thanks to John from Keller Williams, Leslie and Aysha from Newton Wood and Natasha from Faithfully Yours PLG who kindly donated the Easter prizes!

And on that note, it wouldn’t be fun if this month’s quote wasn’t do to with chocolate!

“As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman